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Prepare to be captivated as Tia Rungray, the visionary artist, unveils his latest masterpiece, “Life is the Corridor,” on February 2nd. This highly anticipated track, a staple of his electrifying live performances, will finally be available for listeners worldwide, promising an experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional music.

At the core of “Life is the Corridor” lies a mesmerizing fusion of potent piano melodies and ethereal phrases, characteristic of Tia Rungray’s unique style. The composition skillfully navigates through a labyrinth of sound, seamlessly blending elements of tranquility with bursts of visceral noise, evoking a profound sense of introspection and existential contemplation. Each note resonates with raw intensity and undeniable authenticity, enveloping the listener in a whirlwind of emotions.

Adding another layer of depth to this auditory odyssey is the stunning artwork by acclaimed visual artist Kenji Agata. Through his visionary lens, Kenji Agata brings to life a vivid tapestry of imagery, mirroring the enigmatic allure of Tia Rungray’s music. The accompanying music video promises to unveil the full scope of Agata’s artistry, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a visual feast that parallels the richness of the auditory experience.

But the journey doesn’t end there. From February 2nd to March 31st, enthusiasts of art and music alike are invited to embark on a virtual exploration of Kenji Agata’s mesmerizing artwork at the “Spiralo” cultural facility in the metaverse sensation, Second Life. This groundbreaking exhibition promises to redefine the boundaries of traditional art showcases, offering attendees a chance to interact with digitalized renditions of Kenji Agata’s masterpieces, including the captivating visuals accompanying “Life is the Corridor.”

Furthermore, Tia Rungray himself will grace the virtual stage with his presence, delivering opening and closing performances that promise to be nothing short of extraordinary. These immersive experiences, streamed live on YouTube, will serve as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between music and visual art, transcending conventional boundaries to create an unforgettable spectacle.

As we eagerly await the release of “Life is the Corridor” and the accompanying visual extravaganza, let us embrace the boundless creativity and innovation that Tia Rungray and Kenji Agata bring to the forefront. In a world where art knows no limits, they invite us to step into the corridor of our imagination and embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.

For booking inquiries and PR assistance, please contact Violet Boa.

Let the symphony of life guide you through the corridor of endless creativity. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary musical odyssey.

Save the date, February 2nd, and prepare to embark on a journey like no other.

Direct Teleport URL: Spiralo


Music Video:
(To be premiered at 3 AM PST on February 2nd)
Tia Rungray – Life is the Corridor (Official Music Video)


Metaverse Exhibition & Performances Information

Kenji Agata Exhibition in the Metaverse

Opening: February 2nd,7 AM SLT
Duration: February 2nd, 2024 – March 31st
Venue: Spiralo (Platform: Second Life)
Venue Page (on Second Life Official Website)
Direct Teleport URL: Spiralo

Opening Performance

Performer: Tia Rungray
Start Date and Time: February 3rd, 2024, 5 AM SLT
Simultaneous Live Streaming on YouTube LIVE
Venue: Spiralo

Closing Performance

Performer: Tia Rungray
Start Date and Time: March 30th, 2024, 11 AM SLT
Simultaneous Live Streaming on YouTube LIVE
Venue: Spiralo


Tia Rungray’s Biography

An electronic acoustic music project that advocates noise classical, self-produced by Takayuki Noami. After releasing its first work “Foresta” in 2013, the project began live performances mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area and the virtual space “Second Life” from 2014.

In 2016, the project participated in the film screening event “SENJU LAB #1” organized by composer Akira Senju, alongside video director Kenji Agata. In March 2019, with the cooperation of Akira Senju’s office, Tokyo University of the Arts COI, and YAMAHA, the music video “Dancing Fly in My Head” (directed by Kenji Agata) was released. In October 2020, the music video “Soft Strings” (directed by Takayuki Noami) won the Best Music Video Director Award at the “1st Monthly Film Festival” (Serbia).

Influenced by the thoughts of Erik Satie and John Cage, the project focuses on instrumental music using environmental sounds, piano, and even noise, incorporating styles like ambient, post-classical, and noise music to create a unique universe. The sophisticated piano fused with violent and ferocious noise portrays the inner world of humans, and the raw live performances, where calm and motion coexist, evoke not only tranquility but even madness in the audience.

April 29, 2018: Released the first nationally distributed album “MindgEsso” from the indie label “Cat&Bonito”. Composer Akira Senju remarked it as “hearing the air of the future”.
July 27, 2020: Released the collaborative album “Juvenile” with Yorihisa Taura from the indie label “Tannukineiri Records”.
February 12, 2021: Released the album “STRUKTURO”, exploring the crossover between virtual space and the real world.
September 24, 2022: Produced the metaverse performance “LIVE:Ghostmarch”.
June 23, 2023: Performed at the Second Life 20th Birthday (SL20B) Music Fest.


Tia Rungray’s Patreon Page
Patreon Page

Check Tia’s official website.

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STREAMING LIVE ARCHIVE 2022 (Full Performance)

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Apple Music


Kenji Agata’s Biography

In Tokyo and during his travels for research, he captures ‘ordinary scenes’ in photographs, which he then transforms using editing software. He applies techniques like shifting shapes and changing into abstract color fields, creating altered everyday scenes that exist between reality and dreams.
He also engages in archival photography at museums and collaborates in the creation of works for many artists. Recent work includes contributing to the exhibition “Super Crowd Art Stand Play – From Dawn to Dawn” by the artist collective Oruta, corporate advertising shoots for LA ROCHE POSAY, and participating as a photographer in events like LOUIS VUITTON SS21, Miu Miu Club Tokyo, and Ginza Sony Park|Park Live. In 2021, he served as the director of photography for the music video “Tia Rungray – Strukturo”.

Solo Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions
2016: “64th Tokyo University of the Arts Graduation and Completion Works Exhibition” at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum & Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo
2018: “Geidai Art Plaza Grand Prize Winners Invitation Exhibition” at Tokyo University of the Arts Art Plaza, Tokyo
2019: SENJU LAB 2015-2019 “Art and Music” at Tokyo University of the Arts Kōgakudo, Tokyo
2019: “200th Anniversary of Kabuki Stage in Kamiharanoda” at Kabuki Stage in Kamiharanoda, Gunma
2022: “The Prize Show! 〜What’s Geidai?〜” at Tokyo University of the Arts Art Plaza, Tokyo
2023: “WHAT CAFE EXHIBITION vol.24” at WHAT CAFE, Tokyo
2023: “Hankyu Art Fair 2023” at Hankyu Umeda Gallery, Osaka
2023: “What’s ART? Thinking About ‘What is Art?’ with Geidai Art Plaza Grand Prize Winners” at Tokyo University of the Arts Art Plaza, Tokyo
2023: “Phygital World – Beyond Gutenberg” at COCO WARP ADF ART MUSEUM, Metaverse



“Is life akin to a corridor, or is a corridor like life? A person who nurtures their ego by the window of a corridor ends their final moments by a window as well.” Tia Rungray

“By combining images like illustrations in a book, it suggests a story that continues ahead or branching paths. The overlapping images transcend time and change places, resembling multiple doors and windows in a corridor. Which window to look through and which door to open is left to the sensibilities of the you.”Kenji Agata


Release Information:

Artist Name: Tia Rungray
Title: Life is the Corridor
Release Date: February 2, 2024
Label: Non-REM Records
Format: Digital Distribution (Spatial Audio compatible on Apple Music)

Music by Tia Rungray

Art Work by Kenji Agata

Mastering & Design by Takayuki Noami (Non-REM Studio)

Special Thanks:
Naoki Watanabe



Official Website

Distribution Site:
Pre-Save Page

Booking to: Tia Rungray or

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