Exciting Collaboration: iLoveEvents♥Online and After Taste!

Dear iLoveEvents♥Online Readers, We are thrilled to announce a new and exciting collaboration between iLoveEvents♥Online and After Taste! Who We Are iLoveEvents♥Online: Your go-to source for all events in Second Life. Whether it's concerts, art exhibitions, themed...

“Ritrosía” Art Exhibition by Celestial Demon at Kondor Art Center

11th July, 12 pm SLT - An Opening to Remember Prepare to embark on a transformative voyage of the soul at the "Ritrosía" art exhibition by the enigmatic Celestial Demon, with an installation setup meticulously crafted by Moki Yuitza. This immersive experience will be...

After Taste: My New Obsession in Second Life – Where Vintage Glamour Meets Modern Excitement!

I'm absolutely thrilled to tell you about my latest discovery in Second Life - a place called After Taste that's quickly become my favorite virtual hangout! From the moment I first stepped into this club, I was blown away by its sheer elegance and vintage charm. It's...

Hearts in Journey: “What I Know and What I Feel,” an exhibition by Maddy, is currently on display at the Kondor Art Center

Hearts in Journey: What I Know and What I Feel by Maddy ((magda.schmidtzau) at the Kondor Art Center is a profound journey exploring the duality between mind and soul, a theme that traverses the entire human existence. Maddy, through her works, invites us to reflect...

Discover the Enchanting Beauty of Nong Han Kumphawapi build by Jade Koltai in Second Life

Have you ever dreamt of wandering through a sea of vibrant red lotuses, surrounded by the serene beauty of a pristine lake? Welcome to Nong Han Kumphawapi Lake, a natural marvel in northeastern Thailand, now exquisitely recreated in Second Life by the talented Jade...

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