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Join ZIRVE Underground Movement!

Join ZIRVE Underground Movement!

Hey there, fellow music enthusiasts and underground souls, gather around! Let me take you on a journey to the heart of one of the most electrifying club in Second Life: ZIRVE Lounge . Founded by the maestro of good vibes himself, Chad Lemton, alongside the dynamic duo...

“Absurdism” A Cultural Event at the Kondor Art Theater

“Absurdism” A Cultural Event at the Kondor Art Theater

“Absurdism” On Saturday, May 11, at 12 SLT, in the Kondor Art Theater, will take place a special cultural event, inspired on the play “Waiting For Godot”, by Samuel Beckett. Curated by the visionary Hermes Kondor, this event promises a captivating fusion of art,...

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