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I am thrilled to introduce myself in my role as Senior Manager of Blog and Digital Media Marketing at iLoveEvents.Online.
With a wealth of experience and a passion for making a positive impact on the world, I am committed to bringing excellence to our digital presence. In my capacity as Senior Manager, I am entrusted with a diverse array of responsibilities that revolve around public relations and digital media marketing. My role encompasses the strategic planning, execution, and management of PR strategies, along with the orchestration and oversight of various PR activities. This includes the meticulous organization of interviews, coordination of events, meticulous research to identify partnership opportunities, and the establishment and nurturing of relationships with journalists, influencers, and bloggers.
Furthermore, I play a pivotal role in supporting our dedicated team members in effectively communicating and executing their campaigns. My commitment to excellence is unwavering, and I take great pride in facilitating our clients’ success.
My interests are wide-ranging and reflect my multifaceted nature. I am particularly passionate about fine art, photography, design, digital art, music, performing arts, literature, science, mindfulness, and fostering a positive attitude. I am a thinker and an observer, deeply engrossed in all that I do. As a multilingual professional, I bring a global perspective to our endeavors. My character is defined by strength, kindness, bravery, thoughtfulness, humility, and a sense of pride in my work. I cherish humor and maintain an unwavering commitment to a positive attitude. I am drawn to advanced thinking and am always eager to explore new horizons. If you aspire to have your event featured on iLoveEvents.Online, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am here to collaborate, connect, and ensure that your event receives the attention it deserves. Thank you for visiting our digital platform, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you in creating memorable and impactful events.

Warm regards,

Violet Boa Senior Manager, Blog and Digital Media Marketing I love

Violet Boa Advertising Services

Comprehensive Art Promotion Services by Violet Boa
For those seeking top-notch promotion services for art galleries, exhibition events, music performances, or any other promotional needs, Violet Boa is your go-to expert. You can reach out to her in Second Life or via email at to initiate the process. Upon contacting her, you will receive an informational notecard that will guide you through the necessary steps.

Comprehensive Promotion Package (1500L) includes:
Promotion on Facebook Pages and Groups Promotion on Flickr
Promotion on Second Life’s groups

Payment Method: All payments should be made inworld directly to Violet Boa.

Important Deadline: Make sure to reach out at least 72 hours before your event starts to ensure effective promotion. Let Violet Boa’s expertise in promotion and content creation help you shine in the virtual world of Second Life. Contact her today to elevate your event or brand to the next level.

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