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Within the virtual tapestry of Second Life, your event ascends to a crescendo of enchantment when cradled by the expertise of a professional website, unveiling its profound significance in a digital ballet that captures hearts and ignites souls.

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Submitting your event to our events calendar is a great way to promote it and increase its visibility. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – send us the details of your event today!

We Love Machinima

We love to promote events using the art of video creation within Second Life (Machinima). We believe that videos are the easiest, most immediate, and most valuable tool in presenting your event, whatever it may be.


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Explain to us your needs in detail: what kind of event, one-time or recurring, what’s your people target, etc. Be specific.


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We will get in touch with you within 24 hours. Give us all your contact references: e-mail, Discord, Facebook, etc.


We Cover Your Event

We will cover your event creating professional content for you.


Violet Boa Advertising Services

Comprehensive Art Promotion Services by Violet Boa
For those seeking top-notch promotion services for art galleries, exhibition events, music performances, or any other promotional needs, Violet Boa is your go-to expert. You can reach out to her in Second Life or via email at to initiate the process. Upon contacting her, you will receive an informational notecard that will guide you through the necessary steps.

Comprehensive Promotion Package (1500L) includes:
Promotion on Facebook Pages and Groups Promotion on Flickr
Promotion on Second Life’s groups

Payment Method: All payments should be made inworld directly to Violet Boa.

Important Deadline: Make sure to reach out at least 72 hours before your event starts to ensure effective promotion. Let Violet Boa’s expertise in promotion and content creation help you shine in the virtual world of Second Life. Contact her today to elevate your event or brand to the next level.

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