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Date: October 28th, 12 pm SLT

Venue: The Morpho Forest

Greetings, esteemed art and music aficionados!

On October 28th, at 12 pm SLT, prepare to embark on a transcendent virtual journey that defies the limitations of physical boundaries, uniting the realms of art, music, and innovation. The luminary Tia Rungray is set to deliver an enchanting performance within The Morpho Forest, an immersive virtual installation that is an integral part of The Borderless Project.

In the heart of The Morpho Forest, you will find Tia Rungray, a name synonymous with innovation and musical excellence. Revered for his unique live music presentations, Tia Rungray promises to craft an entrancing auditory tapestry that beautifully complements the ethereal splendor of this virtual landscape. In this symphony of nature and music, you will be captivated by the tranquil ambiance of The Morpho Forest.

In a brilliant collaboration with the Manifestations Festival, The Akipelago takes immense pride in presenting this exceptional event. As an integral part of the Dutch Design Week 2023, this performance serves as a testament to the potency of art, music, and virtual experiences.

The Manifestations Festival stands as an inventive showcase of technology and design, and with the union of forces with The Akipelago, it promises to deliver a fusion of creative energies like never before. Dutch Design Week 2023 has consistently served as a platform for visionary concepts and artistic expression. Tia Rungray’s performance within The Morpho Forest exemplifies the capacity of art and technology to challenge conventions and redefine immersive encounters.

Do not let this exceptional opportunity slip through your grasp. It is your chance to witness the harmonious fusion of art, music, and cutting-edge design within the virtual realm. Tia Rungray’s performance at The Morpho Forest is guaranteed to leave an indelible impression, serving as a tribute to creativity and innovation that will linger in your memory long after the virtual curtains descend.

Join us for this spectacular event and allow the synergy of Tia Rungray’s music and The Morpho Forest’s enchanting environment to transport you to a world where art knows no boundaries. Stay tuned for further updates, and we eagerly anticipate your presence at this unforgettable event!

Organizer: The Manifestations FestivalDutch Design Week 2023
Organizer The Akipelago: Haiku Quan
Owner of The Akipelago Islands: Akiko Kinoshi

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