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Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery, owned by the passionate Dido Haas, transforms into a captivating oasis of emotions with the latest exhibition by artist Morlita Quan. This extraordinary show is the result of a unique and touching proposal from Dido, who invited Morlita to explore the fascinating world of dogs and cats through her unmistakable artistic lens.

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The story behind this exhibition is as moving as it is fascinating. Dido Haas, besides being the creator of a significant artistic space, is also a fervent animal lover. Her proposal to Morlita Quan to create artworks inspired by dogs and cats stemmed from the knowledge of Morlita’s commitment to saving and providing a home for these stray animals. The exhibition at Nitroglobus thus becomes a visual tribute to Morlita’s love and dedication to these defenseless creatures.

The showcased images by the artist highlight the elegant form of dogs and cats, defining them with black strokes on vibrant and colorful backgrounds. Each artwork is an explosion of positivity, a hymn to hope and life change for these wonderful creatures. Morlita Quan captures the essence of the animal soul, turning each brushstroke into a praise of the beauty and dignity of dogs and cats.

The exhibition is not limited to Morlita’s two-dimensional works. The environment is enriched by evocative 3D works by Adwehe, contributing to creating an engaging and multisensory atmosphere. The combination of these two forms of art offers the audience a unique experience where passion for animals merges with artistic expression.

Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery becomes a space where the love for art and respect for animals harmoniously intertwine. Morlita Quan’s works and Adwehe’s 3D elements converge to convey a message of hope, change, and respect for the creatures that share our world.

The exhibition, with its emotional charge and profound connection to reality, is an opportunity for the audience to reflect on the importance of preserving and celebrating the lives of dogs and cats. Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery thus becomes not only an artistic space but also a place for awareness and inspiration, guided by the collaboration of two talented creative minds, Morlita Quan and Adwehe, under the passionate guidance of Dido Haas.

Morlita Quan Biography

Morlita (Morli for her friends) is a multifaceted individual with a rich background in the realms of Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising. However, her true passion lies in the world of art and music, which she delved into from an early age in a self-taught manner. Her journey began with playing the guitar and percussion at the age of 8, and by 16, she had ventured into the realm of mixing consoles, becoming a DJ and producing her own music.

From 2008 onward, Morlita has specialized in experimental music and the intersection of art and technology. Her artistic pursuits extend to collaborations with various universities of Fine Arts, museums, and national and international art curators. During the early years of her compositional journey, she was associated with the record label NAIF LABEL.

Currently, Morlita is an independent artist working on her fifth album. Simultaneously, she is engaged in a parallel project called “Imagination” with a Galician poet. Her involvement in the creation of compositions for short films and sound installations has led her to participate in events and festivals around the world, including the Cannes Film Festival, the FocOff Festival, RTVE, and the Biennale Art in countries such as the United States, Japan, France, Spain, Italy, and Canada.

Morlita is not only focused on her solo projects but is also an integral part of the international music project “Project 110” and various other ventures that blend art and music, presenting them live. Her dedication to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and exploring the convergence of different creative fields showcases her as a dynamic and innovative contributor to the global arts and music community.

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