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Sa Runa is a beautiful destination in Second Life that falls under the category of “Parks and Nature” in Second Life Destinations. Owned by the group of the same name, Sa Runa, visitors are welcome to join the group freely and at no cost, granting them the right to rez objects (with the recommendation to clean up after use). This feature is particularly useful for photographers and those who enjoy rezzing boats and other items.

The co-owners of the region are Judy Parodi (judyparodi) and her partner Vito Parodi (vitoparodi). Together, they have created a well-structured region with a convincing natural landscape. Additionally, beautifully furnished houses are available for rent, catering to those who appreciate tasteful living spaces.

One of the highlights of a Runa” is the availability of horses for riding and bicycles for those who enjoy two-wheeled adventures. This adds an extra dimension to the immersive experience of the region, allowing visitors to explore the natural beauty in a unique and engaging way.

The attention to detail in Sa Runa is evident, with carefully curated landscapes and thoughtfully designed spaces that invite exploration and relaxation. Whether visitors are seeking a tranquil retreat or an inspiring backdrop for photography, Sa Runa offers a diverse range of experiences for all who visit.

In conclusion, Sa Runa is a captivating destination in Second Life that offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty, well-appointed living spaces, and engaging activities. With its welcoming community and carefully crafted environment, it is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who have the pleasure of exploring its virtual landscapes.


Teleport to Sa Runa
Join group for rez rights (copy and paste in local chat): secondlife:///app/group/af2c40cc-96ce-5be2-863f-3f93edb16b14/about


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