Portrait of the Gods – Exhibition by Pagan Lane

There are many gods. Some believe in the Christian God, some are fond of Hinduism, some believe in the old gods of antiquity or norse mythology. And some do not believe in gods in the original sense at all. We are happy to announce, that Pagan Lane will be exhibiting his paintings interpreting the various […]


Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery

Demons of Reason by Maghda, the June-July 2024 exhibition @ Nitroglobus main hall Maghda returns to Nitroglobus with another impressive exhibition, showcasing superb monochrome black-and-white art with a touch of green. These pieces tell the story of the nasty demons that can haunt and blur our thoughts. I have been following Maghda's art since her […]

“Close Your Eyes”, Let the Magic Unfold: An Invitation to Lure Burlesque Club

Imagine a world where glamour and artistry intertwine, where the essence of seduction is celebrated in its most refined form. Welcome to the Lure Burlesque Club, where on June 23rd at 10 AM, the enchantment of burlesque comes alive. This is not just a performance; it’s a spectacle, a journey into the exquisite realm of Lure Burlesque. […]

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