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Entering the Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery in the Annex Room, the historic gallery curated by Dido Haas immerses you in an artistic experience that transcends the digital to touch the strings of the soul. The exhibition “SPLASH the GOUACHE” by Manoji, known in Second Life as Onceagain, represents a meeting point between virtual and real art, combining photographs taken in SL, post-production software, and manual touches on watercolor paper.

Manoji’s Art: A Fusion of Reality and Virtuality

Manoji, a self-taught artist with an innate passion for art, tells us a story of perseverance and dreams nurtured despite adversities. Her biography reveals a deep desire to attend an art school, a dream hindered by her family but never abandoned. Today, Manoji experiments with pencils and watercolors in real life, blending tradition with modern digital techniques.

When Dido Haas invited her to exhibit in her gallery, Manoji seized the opportunity to create a bridge between the digital world of Second Life and the tangibility of traditional art. She took photographs of her avatar in SL, processed them with drawing software, and then printed them on watercolor paper, enriching them with manual touches. This process, which combines three different media – SL, software, and real life – results in artworks that can not only be seen but almost felt.

A Visual Journey Through the Works

The works displayed in “SPLASH the GOUACHE” are an explosion of colors and emotions. Manoji’s palette plays with shades, creating a dialogue between color and the forms that emerge from the paper. The digital images, skillfully and carefully transformed, take on new life through the texture and depth of the paper medium. Each work is an invitation to explore the subtle boundary between the virtual and the real, a boundary that Manoji navigates with mastery and sensitivity.

The attached image, for example, represents a fascinating mix of red and black, with a female figure emerging almost like an apparition among the color stains. There is an ethereal and dreamlike quality to these works, reflecting the duality of their creation: a dream lived through a screen that takes tangible form in reality.

My Reflections

Manoji’s ability to experiment and combine different techniques is what makes this exhibition so special. It is not just a display of digital art or traditional painting, but an emotional journey that involves the viewer in a dance between different worlds. The works are intimate, reflecting not only the artist’s technique but also her soul. Manoji does not just show what she has created; she invites us to feel what she has experienced in the creation process.


“SPLASH the GOUACHE” is more than an exhibition; it is a sensory experience that reminds us of the transformative power of art. Manoji, with her dedication and talent, shows us how dreams can become reality through determination and passion. This show at the Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery is not only a celebration of art but a celebration of Manoji’s personal journey, a journey that inspires us to see the world with new eyes and to believe in the power of creativity.


Annex Room @Nitroglobus


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