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The May round of the Dubai Shopping Event in Second Life is one of the most anticipated events for virtual shopping enthusiasts. Celebrated every month, this immersive shopping experience transports visitors to a setting inspired by the city of Dubai, known for its luxury and modernity. The Dubai Shopping Event in May 2024 offers a wide range of products, from fashion to home furnishings, and accessories to avatar enhancement.

Key Features of the Event

  1. Wide Selection of Shops and Brands:
    The event hosts a variety of virtual stores, from renowned brands to independent designers, offering an extensive selection of exclusive items including clothing, cosmetics, furniture, and more.
  2. Virtual Replica of Dubai Mall:
    One of the main attractions is the digital reconstruction of Dubai Mall, where users can explore and shop in a detailed virtual environment, faithfully recreating the shopping experience of one of the world’s most iconic malls.
  3. Activities and Side Events:
    Besides shopping, the event includes virtual fashion shows, live music sessions, and various prize contests. This makes the experience not only an opportunity to shop but also a moment of entertainment and socialization with other Second Life residents.
  4. Support for Virtual Creators:
    The Dubai Shopping Event also serves as an important platform for virtual content creators, providing them with visibility and sales opportunities. This support is crucial for the internal economy of Second Life and promotes creativity within the community.

How to Participate

Participating in the event is simple:

  1. Create a Second Life Account: If you don’t already have an account, you can create one for free.
  2. Download the Second Life Viewer: Once you have created your account, download and install the viewer to access the virtual world.
  3. Teleport to the Event: You can reach the event using the following link Dubai Event Inworld.

Tips for a Better Shopping Experience

  • Plan Your Visit: With hundreds of stores to explore, it helps to have a plan to not miss the best deals.
  • Follow the Event’s Social Media Channels: For updates on discounts, new arrivals, and special activities, follow the event on social media such as Facebook and Flickr.
  • Security and Privacy: Make sure to follow Second Life’s security guidelines and behave responsibly to ensure a pleasant experience for all participants.

Teleport to Dubai Event

Dubai Event Inworld
Dubai Event on Facebook
Dubai Event on Flickr

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    The Dubai Shopping Event is a must-attend for those who love virtual shopping and want to experience a unique opportunity within Second Life. Prepare your avatar and dive into this extraordinary event that combines commerce, entertainment, and community.



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