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I found a video titled “How to make a ‘mirror’ using PBR reflections – Second Life” that explains the process of creating a mirror using PBR reflections in Second Life 2023. I will now proceed to gather information from the video and other relevant sources to craft an article that illustrates the content of the video.

0:00 In this short video, the author shows how to create a simple mirror using PBR reflections.

  • The author thanks Mary and the Bay City Crew group for teaching her this trick.
  • To create the mirror, a flattened prim is used and the texture is set to “blank”.
  • Subsequently, the glossiness is adjusted to achieve the desired effect.

2:05 In this section, the author demonstrates how to create a mirror using PBR reflections.

The author uses the latest Second Life viewer to check the presence of reflections. The image reflected in the mirror is not real, but it is a primitive object inside a Sandbox region. The author explains that they want to create a reflection probe to define what will be reflected in the mirror.

4:07 To create a mirror with PBR reflections, you need to place a dynamic reflection probe on the surface of the mirror and adjust the settings.

  • The reflection probe must be positioned correctly on the surface of the mirror to accurately reflect the surrounding objects.
  • It is advisable not to deselect the “reflection probe” option to avoid difficulties in repositioning the probe.
  • The reflection probe should be set as “box” and “dynamic” to dynamically display the surrounding objects in the mirror.

6:21 In this section, the author will show how to create a mirror using PBR reflections, and in detail:

  • The size of the prim affects the distance at which the reflection is displayed.
  • It is not necessary to be inside the prim for the mirror to function properly.
  • When entering the prim, a distortion of the image can be noticed.

8:24 In this section, the author will show how to create a mirror with PBR reflections, and in detail:

  • One can notice how the girl’s arm and head slightly deform when reaching out towards the reflection.
  • A transparency texture is used to make the arm and head visible in the black area of the reflection.
  • The reflection can be customized according to user preferences without the need for specific programming.
  • It emphasizes Second Life’s desire to offer users tools to create and customize objects like this mirror.


I am passionate about communication and the Second Life community. I share my experiences, explorations, and knowledge through words, conversations, and machinima. I believe that machinima is a powerful tool for presenting events and experiences in Second Life and that it can transport viewers into the heart of these virtual moments. I invite you to join me on an exciting adventure as we explore, learn, and celebrate the remarkable world of Second Life together.

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