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The Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery in Second Life is currently hosting an extraordinary art exhibition by the talented artist Bamboo Barnes. Curated by the esteemed Dido Haas, owner of the gallery, this exhibition delves deep into the intricacies of the human psyche, offering a glimpse into what lies beneath a face, an emotion, and a life experience.

Bamboo Barnes, known for her unique approach to art, describes her work as expressing what lies beyond the surface. She believes that art is not merely a reflection of light but rather a manifestation of something that resides within a person, something that carries the essence of love in its most profound and complex form. Consequently, her work rarely portrays cheerful or uplifting themes, as she aims to explore the darker aspects of human existence.

In her own words, Bamboo Barnes explains, “There is perhaps a faint sound in these works that echoes what I have been unable to say or do. It is not just about beautiful and smiling faces, but rather something that emerges from a black mass like ebony, where no cry can remain. However, it is a deeply personal sound, and I do not know how it resonates with you. I hope that I have been able to capture some of it in this exhibition. I hope you will take the time to immerse yourself in my work a little longer; that is all that matters to me.

This marks Bamboo Barnes’ third exhibition at Nitroglobus, and she expresses her utmost respect and gratitude to the gallery’s owner, Dido Haas. The partnership between artist and curator has resulted in a thought-provoking and emotionally charged display of art that pushes boundaries and challenges conventional notions.

The artworks showcased in this exhibition, “Broken Chair,” are a testament to Bamboo Barnes’ exceptional talent and her ability to evoke deep emotions within the viewer. Through her masterful use of colors, textures, and composition, she invites us into a world where vulnerability and rawness coexist with beauty and grace.

Bamboo Barnes

“Broken Chair” at Nitroglobus

Bamboo Barnes

“Broken Chair” at Nitroglobus

As you navigate through the gallery space, take a moment to reflect on the profound messages conveyed by each piece. Allow yourself to be transported into the depths of the human soul, where hidden truths and untold stories reside. It is within these layers that Bamboo Barnes invites us to explore our own emotions and experiences, encouraging us to embrace the complexity of our existence.

The Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery is honored to host Bamboo Barnes’ captivating exhibition, and we extend our sincere appreciation to Dido Haas for her unwavering commitment to promoting exceptional artistic talent. We invite you to visit this remarkable showcase and immerse yourself in the world of Bamboo Barnes – an artist who fearlessly delves into the depths of the human soul and invites us to do the same.


Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery


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