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Maitreya Lara, the iconic mesh body that revolutionized Second Life over 8 years ago, is getting a much-anticipated update. The creators of Lara are proud to announce the upcoming release of Lara X, a next-generation version that brings a whole new level of realism and customization to the virtual world. As a blogger reporting the news, I am excited to share all the details with you.

Second Life Maitreya Lara X

When Lara was first introduced, it quickly became the most popular body on the Second Life grid. It was created with the goal of staying close to the default Second Life avatar, allowing users to seamlessly integrate their existing wardrobe with the Lara body. However, in recent years, that restriction has gradually been lifted thanks to the efforts of thousands of content creators in Second Life.

The request for a Lara mesh body update has been pouring in, and the team behind it has listened attentively. One of the most common requests was for a more curvy and detailed Lara with smoother weights. Content creators expressed their challenges in designing for Lara, which resulted in some abandoning Lara sizes altogether. The creators understood the need to improve the weights while being mindful of not breaking existing content.

After careful consideration, the team has found a solution that will benefit all Lara mesh body users. They are introducing Lara X as an extra in the upcoming update, rather than a replacement. With Lara X, users will experience smoother weights and enhanced mesh details, without losing any of the original Lara body features. This means that every Lara mesh body owner or buyer will receive Lara X for free, alongside the original Lara body, allowing them to effortlessly switch between the two according to their preference.

Lara X brings a new level of customization, empowering users to create their ideal virtual selves. The improved weights ensure that clothing and accessories fit flawlessly, while the enhanced mesh details offer a stunning level of realism. Whether you prefer a more curvy physique or crave intricate details, Lara X has it all.

The creators of the Lara mesh body are thrilled to offer Lara X as a free addition to their loyal user base. They are committed to fostering a community where everyone can embrace their individuality and enjoy Second Life.

I am also thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration between Maitreya and Velour in celebration of the upcoming Lara update. Maitreya has partnered with Velour to introduce the highly anticipated Picasso Babe Skin Line for the new Lara X body. This collaboration brings together the expertise of Maitreya in mesh body design and the artistic vision of Velour in creating stunning and realistic skin textures. Although the Picasso Babe skins have not been released yet, this preview showcases the significant progress and enhancements made to the Lara X body. Stay tuned for more updates as we count down the days to the official launch of this extraordinary collaboration.


Maitreya Inworld Store
Velour Inworld Store


Q: When will Lara X be released?

A: The release date for Lara X has not been disclosed yet. Stay tuned for official updates from the creators of the Lara mesh body for more information on the release date.


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