Discover the Future of Avatar Customization with Genus Morph Project

Discover the Future of Avatar Customization with Genus Morph Project

Are you tired of cycling through the same old avatars in Second Life? Do you crave a level of personalization that truly reflects your unique style? Look no further! The Genus Morph Project, unveiled at the ongoing Skin Fair 2024, is revolutionizing the way we create custom faces for our avatars. This groundbreaking set of elements for crafting the female face has caught the attention of Second Life users, and for good reason.

The Genus Morph Project offers an impressive array of options, allowing for intricate personalization that pushes the boundaries of virtual identity. The project features:

  • Three types of face shape: Choose from oval, triangular, or square to start shaping your avatar’s distinct look.
  • Five types of eyes: Select from almond, puppy, monolid, round, or foxy to convey the expression that matches your avatar’s personality.
  • Four types of nose: Opt for a straight, aquiline, bulbous, or button nose to further refine your avatar’s facial features.
  • Four types of mouth: From a natural look to a bow, heavy, or even pierced mouth, add the finishing touches to your avatar’s smile or pout.

But the customization doesn’t stop there. The Genus Morph Project also includes ear options, and for those seeking an edgier look, there are three types of “tunnels” to choose from: medium, large, and extreme.

The pricing for these innovative features is as follows:

  • Head base: Start your creation with a head base priced at 1900L.
  • Head part: Customize each feature with parts costing 600L each.
  • Mega Pack: For the complete experience, the Mega Pack is available at 7650L—offering a fantastic 50% discount exclusively at Skin Fair 2024.

Each element comes with the ability to fine-tune your look using shape modeling sliders. This means you can adjust and morph each feature to create an avatar that is as unique as you are, with an almost infinite number of customizations.

The SL community has embraced the Genus Morph Project wholeheartedly, and the results are nothing short of stunning. Avatars with delicate, realistic features, and expressive faces that truly stand out in the virtual crowd have already been created. These avatars aren’t just new faces; they’re works of art that reflect the creativity and diversity of Second Life users.

Stay tuned as we showcase a roundup of the best avatar creations made so far, demonstrating the incredible versatility and creativity enabled by the Genus Morph Project. The future of avatar customization is here, and it’s more dynamic and personal than ever before. Don’t miss out on crafting your very own, one-of-a-kind virtual identity at Skin Fair 2024!

Are you looking for a basic shape to begin with?

Here are our top choices!

Discover the Boundless Creativity of Our Community!

The Genus Morph Project has revolutionized the virtual beauty landscape, and two standout tutorials have emerged to guide users through its intricacies. Ichuly, the brand manager for Genus, brings an official perspective with a meticulously crafted video that delves into the nuances of the Morph Project head. Her tutorial shines with in-depth knowledge, showcasing each feature with precision and offering tips for users to get the most out of their digital experience. On the other hand, Naria Panthar, a seasoned YouTuber known for her engaging content, offers a more personal walkthrough. Naria’s tutorial is filled with practical advice, delivered with her trademark enthusiasm and accessibility. Whether you prefer the insider look provided by ichuly or the relatable approach of Naria, both tutorials are invaluable resources for mastering the Genus Morph Project head.

Ichuly – Video

Naria Panthar – Video

New and Exciting Revelations from the Genus Morph Project! (Collaborating with Legacy)

Have you ever dreamed of creating an avatar reminiscent of Barbie from the silver screen? Your dream can now become a reality. Discover a style that will transform your avatar, capturing the essence of Margot Robbie’s iconic portrayal of Barbie.


Skin Fair 2024

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