Exploring the New Frontiers of Texturing in Second Life with PBR HUDs

Exploring the New Frontiers of Texturing in Second Life with PBR HUDs

With the advent of the update to Physically Based Rendering (PBR) materials in Second Life, content creators are presented with a unique opportunity to elevate the quality of their creations. In this article, we will explore two innovative HUDs designed to texture objects in Second Life, allowing creators to offer an advanced texturing experience to their customers.

1. Tavatar Color/Texture/PBR HUD Kit: Free yet Powerful
The Tavatar Color/Texture/PBR HUD Kit stands out for its accessibility and power. With a simple drag-and-drop setup, users will no longer need to worry about UUIDs, significantly simplifying the texturing process. Key features of this HUD include:

  • Configuration through drag-and-drop buttons.
  • Encrypted communication to discourage texture theft.
  • Sliders to adjust Color, Glow, Shiny, Fullbright, and Alpha Mode.
  • Quick texture upload button.
  • Buttons to hide/show transparency.

This HUD represents an ideal option for those looking to delve into the world of PBR materials without any cost.


2. Configurable PBR Texture HUD – Creator KIT: Advanced Customization at 199 L$
For those seeking a more advanced texturing experience, the Configurable PBR Texture HUD – Creator KIT offers a range of advanced features:

  • Simple configuration with a single script to set PBR textures in a few clicks.
  • Infinite customization with the ability to add numerous buttons to apply different textures.
  • Enhanced security with a unique secret code to protect creations.
  • Universal compatibility with all Mesh objects.

No configuration notecard is needed, as texture UUIDs are entered directly into the script.


With the introduction of these two innovative HUDs, Second Life content creators have powerful tools to provide their customers with an advanced and personalized texturing experience. Whether it’s clothing, accessories, or homes, using PBR materials through these HUDs represents a significant step forward in creating high-quality content in this ever-evolving virtual universe. Exploring the potential of PBR materials becomes a key element in staying ahead and meeting the needs of an increasingly discerning community.

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