Shadows of Strength: Frank Atisso’s Art Exhibition at Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery

Shadows of Strength: Frank Atisso’s Art Exhibition at Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery

In the month of February, the renowned Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery, owned and curated by Dido Haas, will host an exceptional art exhibition titled “Shadows of Strength” by Frank Atisso. The exhibition will be presented in “The Annex” room at Nitroglobus, offering the audience a unique perspective on the interplay of light and shadow through grayscale male nude photography.

What makes this exhibition even more special is the rarity of artistic image exhibitions featuring the male nude in Second Life. Frank Atisso aims to break the mold by providing the audience with something different from the usual artistic routine. In “Shadows of Strength,” Frank portrays himself in various interpretations of nudity, exploring the inherent beauty, strength, and vulnerability of the male physique.

Frank Atisso is a well-known name in the Second Life art community. He has been an influential art blogger in the past, writing numerous reviews of Second Life art exhibitions on his blog, “Art Kornersl.” When writing reviews became too time-consuming, he created the Art Korner Exhibits HUD, which provided a weekly overview, including landmarks of Second Life art exhibitions. Furthermore, his contributions extend to the gallery scene, as he was the former owner and curator of ArtKorner Gallery, which has now transformed into Artsville Galleries with Jerzzie Reece as his counterpart.

When Frank showed some of these remarkable images to Dido Haas a while ago, she immediately suggested that he exhibit them at Nitroglobus. Dido Haas is thrilled with the quality and mood of these photographs and takes great pride in showcasing Frank Atisso’s work at Nitroglobus, making it the first gallery ever to exhibit his art.

Additionally, Dido Haas expresses sincere gratitude to Adwehe for her artwork, “The Fountain of Strength,” situated on a GO board play, created especially for this exhibition. Adwehe’s artwork adds another dimension to the atmosphere of “Shadows of Strength” and has captured Dido Haas’s attention.

Frank Atisso’s “Shadows of Strength” exhibition promises to be an extraordinary experience for Second Life art enthusiasts. The grayscale photographs, skillfully utilizing the interplay of light and shadow, delicately highlight the contours and lines of the human body. This exploration of beauty, strength, and vulnerability in the male form is undoubtedly a testament to Frank Atisso’s artistic commitment and talent.

Art lovers and visitors of Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery should not miss the opportunity to admire “Shadows of Strength.” The exhibition offers a unique chance to immerse oneself in an artistic experience that challenges conventions and provides a fresh perspective on the forms and beauty of the male body.

Opening Party

Opening party: Monday 29 January, 12 PM SLT
Music: Frank Atisso
Particles: Kurk Mumfuzz

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