My black and white photography: a set of contrasts and shades

My black and white photography: a set of contrasts and shades

Black and white photography is an art form that requires great sensitivity and skill from the photographer.
It is not just about eliminating colors but creating images that can convey emotions, atmospheres, and meanings through the play of light and shadow, shapes and details, backgrounds, and subjects.

I do not presume to claim to be able to master this art. My photographs are characterized by a strong contrast between whites and blacks, which creates a dramatic and, in my opinion, suggestive effect and very pronounced light and shadow effects, which emphasize the features and expressions of the faces portrayed. I am inspired by chiaroscuro, a painting technique that uses strong contrasts of light and shadow to create a sense of volume and depth. Chiaroscuro was used by great masters of painting, such as Caravaggio, Rembrandt, and Leonardo da Vinci, who made their works alive and realistic thanks to this effect.


My black and white photography also stands out for the choice of subjects, who are ordinary people but have something special to tell. I try to capture the stories, personalities, and emotions of the people I photograph and bring them out through black and white. My photographs want to be authentic psychological portraits that show the soul of the subjects as well as their physical appearance. My goal is to give life to a photograph that is a testimony of the beauty and complexity of the human being, which is expressed in a thousand shades of gray. That photograph does not need colors to be rich in life and meaning. That photograph speaks to the hearts and minds of those who look at it.

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