UniK Deals

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UniK Deals in Second Life is an upcoming event showcasing various products, including accessories, animations/poses, avatar enhancements, builds, clothing, cosmetics/nails, footwear, home and garden items, and tattoos. The event is scheduled to open on Sunday until the following Wednesday.

With a pricing range of 75L-100L, attendees can expect to find great deals on high-quality items. Whether you’re looking to enhance your avatar’s appearance, decorate your virtual home, or update your wardrobe, UniK Deals offers various options to cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

A comprehensive shopping guide will be available to assist attendees in navigating the event and making the most of their shopping experience. Additionally, interested individuals can follow UniK Deals on Facebook for the latest updates and sneak peeks of what’s in store.

It’s important to note that UniK Deals is an in-store or HUD-based event, allowing attendees to explore and shop at their convenience. With its diverse offerings and attractive pricing, UniK Deals is poised to be a must-visit event for Second Life enthusiasts.

WEBSITE: https://unikevent6.wixsite.com/unikeventsl/unikdeals


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Jul 14 - 17 2024


12:00 am - 12:00 pm

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