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Hearts in Journey: What I Know and What I Feel by Maddy ((magda.schmidtzau) at the Kondor Art Center is a profound journey exploring the duality between mind and soul, a theme that traverses the entire human existence.
Maddy, through her works, invites us to reflect on the complexity of this duality, exposing the tension between what we know and what we feel.

The images are mirrors reflecting our inner contradictions, our deepest secrets, and the illusions we construct to protect ourselves from the truth. The ethereal faces and intricate compositions of her paintings speak to us of a hidden truth, a truth we often prefer to ignore but which is always present, ready to emerge when we least expect it. The mind, with its invisible chains, keeps us anchored to patterns and conditioning, but it is the soul that yearns for freedom, purity, sincerity. If only we could free the mind from its constraints, we would be able to reveal our most sincere colors to the world, walking lightly, without masks or veils, living our most beautiful days with clear thoughts and words that resonate like echoes of a beating heart.

Maddy’s exhibition is not just a series of artworks, but an invitation to deep introspection, to an inner journey where the mind and soul can finally converse, seeking a balance that always seems to elude us.

Each painting is a fragment of this dialogue, a piece of a larger puzzle that seeks to compose the complete image of what it means to be human. The beauty and fragility of the depicted faces are a constant reminder of our vulnerability and strength, of our capacity to love and be loved.

The exhibition at the Kondor Art Center thus becomes a sacred place where we can confront ourselves, explore the depths of our mind and the vastness of our soul, in an eternal journey of discovering what we know and what we feel. Maddy, with her artistic sensitivity, guides us on this path, offering us a vision that goes beyond the surface, penetrating the darkest and brightest recesses of our existence. The mind-soul duality is not a battle to be won but a dance to be learned, a balance to be sought every day, a journey that has no end but only intermediate stops where we can pause, reflect, and continue to grow.

A Journey in Hearts

The first work that greets visitors is an intimate and dreamlike representation of two faces approaching each other in an almost kissing gesture. On the left side, the text reads:

Hearts in Journey: What I Know and What I Feel

What I know can be deceit And what I feel a deep secret


These words introduce the central theme of the exhibition: the contrast between what we know and what we feel. The dichotomy between deceit and deep secret is visually represented with great skill, inviting the viewer to reflect on their own experiences and perceptions.

The Freedom of the Mind

Continuing through the exhibition, another text captures attention:

If the chains of the mind vanished in the wind and the conditionings fell, fragile like autumn leaves humans would shine, pure and true revealing to the world their most sincere colors

Free from patterns, without masks and veils they would walk lightly, in their most beautiful days Each thought, a ray of sun, clear and bright each word, an echo of a beating heart


These words are accompanied by a visual work that amplifies the message of mental liberation and authenticity. The artist invites us to imagine a world without mental chains, where humans can shine in their most pure and sincere truth, without masks or veils. This utopian vision is represented with a delicate and poetic touch, evoking a sense of lightness and natural beauty.

The Beauty of Details

Maddy’s works in this exhibition are a celebration of the beauty of details and human emotions. Each painting is a window into an inner world rich in symbols and deep meanings. From intricate geometries to ethereal portraits, each piece tells a story intertwined with the poetic words displayed alongside.

The Kondor Art Center provides an ideal setting for this exhibition, with carefully curated spaces that allow the works to breathe and visitors to fully immerse themselves in the experience. Hermes Kondor, with his vision and passion for art, continues to offer an important stage for artists like Maddy, whose creations manage to touch deep chords of the human soul.


“Hearts in Journey: What I Know and What I Feel” is not just an exhibition, but an invitation to explore the complexity of our feelings and the hidden truth behind our knowledge. Maddy, through her art, guides us on an emotional journey that leaves a lasting impression on the hearts of those who observe. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this extraordinary exhibition at the Kondor Art Center.


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