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We may be a little late with the gifts, but they are not to be missed this year! Noble Creations store is excited to present TWO NEW GIFTS for both Male and Female avatars.

1st GIFT: Black Sleeves – Available for Noble Creations Members group (0L to Join)
(Note: Male version sleeves do not have the bow, while the female version includes a scripted Hide/Show bow feature.)

2nd GIFT: Black Scarf – Accessible for Teleport Hub Member group (10 L to Join)

Both items are fitted for Male & Female avatars including Belleza, Gen X, Legacy, Inithium, Maitreya Lara & X, Aesthetic, Signature, Reborn Ebody.

These exclusive gifts and the respective groups can be found at our store under the Christmas Tree.

Also, don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore other available colors for sale including Pink, White, Blue, and Beige.



2 NEW GIFTS - Male & Female - Happy NEW YEAR 2024!!
Noble Creations on Flickr

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